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Preserved Flower:

Preserved flowers and foliage are natural flowers that have been processed to maintain their fresh appearance for several months or 1-2 years. Their beauty and soft delicate appearance makes it difficult to differentiate between cut flowers and the fresh look of our products.

4 Steps to Keeping Preserved Flowers for Longer

1. They do not need water and sunshine.

 2. High humidity may cause color leakage, staining or other similar damage.

3. Keep away from direct sunlight and humidity. Both may cause the color to fade or run.

4. Avoid direct contact with walls, clothes or fabrics as the color may run.


Fresh Flower: 

6 Steps to Keeping Cut Flowers Fresh for Longer

1.Wash Your Vase 

2. Tap water is suitable for fresh flowers

3. Use Flower Power into 0.5 liter water

4. Cut the Stems (over 4cm) at an angle with the sharpest scissors, shears or knife 

5. Remove any foliage that will fall below the waterline of your vase.

6. Keep your flowers in a cool location away from sources of heat such as household appliances or radiators, direct sunlight such as windowsills and drafts from windows or doors.
Also: Keep your flowers away from any fruit or vegetables.

Privacy & Safety

When you purchase something from our store, we collect the personal information you give us such as your name, address and email address.  We will ask your consent if sending any email marketing.  If you withdraw your consent for us to contact you, at anytime, by contacting us at

Wholesale Inquiries

​Please feel free to contact 852-61107969 or email:

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Credit Cards

FPS - 61107969

Payme - 61107969

Bank Transfer - BOC 

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